Dr. Kerstin Schulte, PFI Managing DirectorIn January 2017 PFI was awarded the status of official test institute of the OEKO-TEX® Association. We have therefore expanded our specialist team: Jutta Knels, a highly experienced textile engineer, is now your contact person at PFI whenever you wish to have products and services tested for compliance with the new Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX®.

In May we had a visit from the World Bank and from Bangladesh.

We also participated in various events to present our footwear-specific activities and our research work in biotechnology both to an expert audience and to the general public, for example at the HDS/L Symposium in Düsseldorf, the SME Innovation Day in Berlin, or the Kreativvitti Fair in Pirmasens. And we met with avid interest wherever we went.

DAkkS has freshly re-accredited a number of PFI’s certification activities. Also new is the fact that we can now offer certification of energy management systems. Our inspection body is accredited. And did you know that we offer regular training sessions for auditors?

All that remains is for me to now wish you a profitable and informative read of our latest Newsletter.

Dr. Kerstin Schulte




Textilingenieruin Jutta Knels wechselt von OEKO-TEX ans PFIOEKO-TEX® Expert Joins the Certification Team

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Jutta Knels joined the staff of PFI’s certification office as expert for the new Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX® on 1 April 2017. A textile engineer with a proven track record as OEKO-TEX® specialist, she introduces herself in this issue of the Newsletter. 

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Read Jutta Knels' article on Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX®.



Bangladeshi Delegation at PFI and ISC

A Bangladeshi government and business delegation visited PFI and ISC on 15 and 16 May, 2017, to gather information for establishing a successful technology and training centre for the leather industry in Bangladesh.



PFI Presents Its Portfolio: Testing, Certification, Research

Whether at the SME Innovation Day in Berlin, at the HDS/L Symposium in Düsseldorf, or at the Kreativvitti Fair in Pirmasens, this spring PFI was “on tour” presenting its wide range of services and current research projects.

Dr. Kerstin Schulte, PFI Managing Director, and the PFI Engineering Team





Four More Substances Added to SVHC List

The SVHC Candidate List is updated twice yearly. In January 2017 the European Chemicals Agency (EChA) extended the list by including four additional substances. Thus a total of 173 substances are currently listed as being of potentially very high concern (as of 12.01.2017).

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Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Beitrag (pdf)Heels: Better Firm than too Soft

Unsatisfactory wearing properties are a common reason for customer complaints about shoes.

In such cases, complaints are not automatically confined to bad fit but often arise from a lack of firm footing and kind of a “floating” feeling on walking. The underlying reason is usually too soft a heel which undergoes excessive deformation under load.

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PFI Certifies Energy Management Systems

As of February this year, PFI is authorised to certify management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011. Moreover, we are also authorised to issue certificates in accordance with the German Tax Cap and Efficiency System Regulation (SpaEfV).

The range of services offered by the PFI certification service now covers not only quality and environmental management but also energy managements systems.


Inspection Body Accredited

Link zur DAkkS-WebseitePFI offers internationally active companies a world-wide inspection service, extending from goods and production control all the way to inspections performed during the unloading of containers.

In February the German National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) confirmed through Accreditation that the PFI inspection body is competent according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 to perform inspections in the area of materials testing – post-shipment control of leather and plastic products.


Summer, Sun, Sunglasses!

Lesen Sie hier die Vollversion des Artikels (pdf)Sunshine turns the mind to outdoor activities. Yet sunrays also have drawbacks: UV radiation can cause permanent injury to our sensitive eyes. And that is where sunglasses can be of help.

But what protection do they really afford against UV radiation and how to convey the message about the protective quality to the consumer? 

Measurement of the transmission spectra provides pertinent information.

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Auditor Training Program

The PFI Certification Body offers regular training sessions, for example for auditors or to inform companies about any changes that may result on introduction of new standards.

Current training session dates are published on the PFI website. Further information can be obtained by calling +49-6331-24900 or by e-mailing




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