Dr. Kerstin Schulte, PFI Managing DirectorFirst the “scoop”: Beginning in 2017, PFI will have the status of official OEKO-TEX® test institute. Interested parties can have us test their products and services according to the new Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX®.

Handover: On 24 November, Michael Tackenberg succeeded Ralph Rieker as PFI Chairman. The PFI members, the entire board and I personally feel sure that he will continue to steer PFI into a successful future with the same vigour and passion as we have been accustomed to under the leadership of Ralph Rieker during the past 16 years.

For anyone wishing to gain an impression of the unique range of services that PFI as a non-profit association can offer the footwear and leather industries I can recommend the article «Coopetition» – A Joint Approach to Innovation.

There has also been a change in the Analytical Chemistry Department of PFI: Dr. Elmar Mohrhardt has been the new Department Head since November. He succeeds Dr. Michael Knauer, who has decided to pursue a new career challenge. We wish them both a good start and every success in their new roles.

It only remains for me to wish you an enjoyable read and a peaceful and relaxing holiday season.

Dr. Kerstin Schulte

P.S.: If you need us during the week between Christmas and the New Year – we shall be open for business!




Michael Tackenberg, der neue PFI VorstandsvorsitzendeTackenberg New Chairman of PFI Board

Members and Board of the Test and Rearch Institute Pirmasens (Prüf- und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens e.V., PFI) elected Michael Tackenberg as new Chairman of the Board at their statutory meeting on 24 November 2016.

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PFI Adopts Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX®

From 2017 onwards PFI will test leather and leather goods according to the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®. The set goal is to enhance the quality and safety of materials and products.Logo des neuen OEKO-TEX Leather Standard

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Lesen Sie den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)«Coopetition» – A Joint Approach to Innovation

PFI can justifiably claim to have the footwear and leather industry firmly embedded in its DNA: The institute was, after all, founded for and by this very sector.

The advantages of what is now known as «coopetition» were already obvious 60 years ago. 

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Lesen Sie hier den ganzen Artikel (pdf)New Head of Analytical Chemistry

In November 2016 Dr. Elmar Mohrhardt succeeded Dr. Michael Knauer as head of the Analytical Chemistry Department at PFI.

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Link zur HYDAC-WebseiteCustomised Testing

Testing of materials and products has been the core business of PFI ever since its foundation 60 years ago. In addition to laboratory testing of footwear and other articles of daily use, PFI has developed testing devices and machines in its in-house Engineering Department.

PFI has been collaborating very successfully with HYDAC in the design of customised test beds.

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Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Beitrag (pdf)Patent Leather: Back in Fashion – Again and Again

Patent leather has its charms – and its drawbacks: It is temperature sensitive; moreover, under some circumstances the shiny coating can sometimes become detached from the leather base material.

Which tests are recommended in order to avoid unpleasant surprises?

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Lesen Sie den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)Sensor-based Rehabilitation Shoe

By participating in the AiF research project «Sensor-based Rehabilitation Shoe» PFI and ISC have taken on the task of developing a measuring system for gait analysis and a special shoe into which the system can be completely integrated. 

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Microclimate Control in the Foot-Stocking-Shoe System

Lesen Sie den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)The wearing of safety shoes to protect the feet should be just as much common practice as the wearing of a helmet to protect the head. However, they are often not being worn. Why not? “Too warm, too heavy, too ugly”.

Although there have recently been quantum jumps in design and weight reduction of safety shoes, there is still room for further improvement in the foot microclimate.

Therefore this research project has examined possible improvements to the foot-stocking-safety shoe system.

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Innovative Composite Inner Lining System for Diabetic Footwear

Lesen Sie den vollständigen Beitrag hier (pdf)Up to now, aspects of hygiene – in spite of their enormous relevance for health – have hardly played a role in the provision of footwear for diabetics.

This gap had to be filled, and that was accomplished by PFI in two joint projects undertaken with the Pirmasens-based company Colortex GmbH. A composite system for insoles developed in the first project is already commercially available. The result of the second project is an innovative, removable three-dimensional inner lining system for diabetic footwear.

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