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Fridays for Future, CO2 footprint, climate-neutral production, transparency, and social responsibility along the supply chain are all omnipresent buzzwords. Many companies show a great willingness and preparedness to become environmentally friendly and transparent in all their actions but the search for the best way to achieve these goals can prove to be complex.

PFI has all the necessary resources to accompany footwear manufacturers on their way to climate-neutral and risk-minimised production. Thanks to their many years of global consultancy in the footwear industry, our experts have accumulated an enormous wealth of experience; they are familiar with all the quirks of the supply chain and all aspects of production.

In the first instance we provide a detailed evaluation of the status quo in a company. On that basis we develop ideas and recommend suitable measures for attaining the set goals.
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Why Footwear Supply Chains Need Sustainability

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. A shift in consumer behaviour and politics towards more sustainability on all levels of the value creation chain alongside with a more stringent legislation compel the footwear industry to clean up its act on both the social and the environmental fronts.

This is where the PFI as an experienced ally can provide invaluable assistance. With joint forces we can enhance social and environmental performance.

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Storm over Hong Kong

Due to many customer requests, Dr. Gerhard Nickolaus, Head of The PfI's Asia Activities, has written an article on the situation in Hong Kong. Read here how the PFI Hong Kong staff are experiencing the situation.

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The Green Button: Applicable to Textile Footwear

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)The Green Button is the first German government-supervised quality mark for sustainable textiles. Whoever wishes to buy apparel or textile footwear produced under ecologically and socially sustainable conditions can look to the Green Button mark for guidance.

The mark imposes mandatory requirements for protection of humans and the environment: 46 demanding social and environmental standards must be adhered to – ranging from a ban on forced labour to wastewater concentration limits. PFI is one of the accredited test centres.

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PFI SafetyCert: Flexible and Market-Oriented

PFI SafetyCert is a flexible certification concept for occupational, protective, and safety footwear.

It serves to harmonise the rigorous demands of the relevant EU Regulation, the corresponding European standards, and national legislation with the valid market, product, and production requirements of industry and commerce.  

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PFI Certifies Information Security Management Systems

„Data is the new oil”, that's what we read and hear everywhere. Their protection is currently a hot topic and will become even more important in the future. Many companies therefore decide to adopt an information security management system.

As of September 2019, PFI has been accredited by DAkkS for certification of information security management systems according to ISO/IEC 27001.

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SVHC Candidate List Updated

In July 2019 the European Chemicals Agency ECHA added four new substances of very high concern (SVHCs) to the REACH Candidate List, which now contains 201 entries of chemicals for which there is a duty to inform at concentration exceeding 0.1 percent within the supply chain in the EU or when importing into the EU.

And the new candidates could indeed be relevant for footwear and leather goods.

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Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Artikel (pdf)Forthcoming Changes to Standards

Standards are also subject to evolutionary processes: This publication provides an overview of those footwear-relevant standards for which changes are planned in the near future.

These are the standards of the EN ISO 20344-7 series, PPE Foot and Leg Protection as well as the test procedures and specifications for safety, protective, and occupational footwear.

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Soles: Technology, Requirements, Testing

This article provides a total overview of soles, their function, tests to establish their suitability and safety, and the research projects currently being performed at PFI and ISC which are concerned primarily or partly with footwear soles.

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